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Healthcare Jobs

BPN Healthcare Concepts is the leading provider of healthcare professionals to hospitals, care facilities and private nursing homes.
Being in the recruitment and staffing industry for so long, we've taken to heart the importance of our role in the growth and development of the healthcare companies we serve.

BPN Healthcare Concepts is also a practical avenue for healthcare professionals to seek employment. We are happy to be contributing to medically related business and careers because we know how healthcare services, costs and quality thereof will affect the general lifestyle of patients and families in America.

The screening processes we employ are internationally compliant enabling us to recruit healthcare personnel locally and abroad. Standards are set at a high mark giving us an edge in maintaining a network of highly qualified professionals whose experience and skill in healthcare are proven to effectively serve their purpose in society. Consistency is the key to providing the following services to our clients:

» Applicant Screening
» Candidate Skills Evaluation
» License Acquisition Support
» Training, Education and Skills Upgrade opportunities
» Workforce Management and Effective Scheduling
» Payroll Services

Nursing Care and Personal Care
» Physicians
» PA's- Physician assistants
» NP's- Nurse Practitioners
» RNs - Registered Nurses
» LPNs - Licensed Practical Nurses
» CNAs - Certified Nursing Assistants

Therapy Services
» Physical Therapists
» Occupational Therapists
» Speech Therapists
» Respiratory Therapy Specialists
» Other Health Care Specialized Services
» Medical Social Workers
» Medical Transcription

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